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Curbside pick-up:
Tisbury is the only Island town offering curb side pick up through the Department of Public Works

Recyclables are picked up on your designated trash day by the DPW starting at 7AM, and may be co-mingled in your bin.

What you can Recycle: all recycling must be clean        
  • Glass: bottles and jars
  • Tin and aluminum: cans (flatten)
  • Plastic: with 1-7 on the bottom (rinse, remove lids, rings, corks)
  • Paper*: newspapers, inserts, magazines, corrugated cardboard, phone books, brown paper bags
  • Leaves and Grass: Picked up if put in compostable yard waste bags*
* all paper must be dry
* no office paper, book, kleenez, paper towels or personal mail
* compostable bags available at Department of Public Works

Recyling drop-off center location:
    High Point Lane off of State Rd.
    Hours: Mon, Thurs, Fri,
              7:15AM - 3:45PM
              Sat and Sun, 8:30AM - 3:30PM, 
Sticker: $5.00 annual sticker required. For more information call DPW 508 696 4220

Clean brush, leaves and garden vegetation may be dropped of free.

Everything picked up at curbside is accepted at the Recycling Center

Tisbury residents may also use Edgartown, W.Tisbury, Aquinnah and Chilmark
drop-off centers with a $20.00 access sticker.