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There are three waste management companies on Martha's has Vineyard who will provide for a fee residential and commercial waste and recycling pick ups. See the information below.

Allied Waste Services:
Commercial and Residential
Recycling guidelines, pricing
& pick up 508-693-5659
Single Stream (Mixed)
Cans: tin, bi-metal, aluminum (rinse remove lids)
Glass: clear and colored glass (rinse, remove lids)
Not included: pyrex, light bulbs, window glass, drinking
glasses, broken glass
Plastic: Limited to food, beverage & cleaning product
containers with a #1,2,3 on bottom,
neck should be smaller than base (rinse, remove
lids or caps)
Not included: those containers with a neck larger than the base
ie yogurt & baby wipes

Commercial and Residential
Recycling guidelines, pricing
& pick up 508-693-7744
Newspapers, in paper bags
Cardboard broken down
Mixed together: Clean
glass, plastic, bottles, tins

Commercial and Residential
Recycling guidelines, pricing
& pick up 508-693-5454
Single Stream (Mixed)
Materials Accepted: Aluminum food and beverage containers,
glass food and beverage containers, iron cans,
plastic containers w/ symbol #1 (screw tops only without caps)
natural plastic containers w/ #2 (narrow neck containers (detergent,
shampoo bottles etc) pigmented plastic containers without caps
(milk and water bottles) newsprint, old corrugated cardboard,
magazines, catalogs, cereal boxes, telephone books, printer paper,
copier paper, mail, all other office paper (without wax liners)
Not Accepted:
Microwave trays, mirrors, window or auto glass, light bulbs, ceramics,
Porcelain, plastics unnumbered, plastic bags, coat hangers, glass cookware
bakeware, household items such as cooking pots toasters etc.