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IGI's Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer (MPPT)

VCS: What about mobile slaughter options, like IGI’s Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer (MPPT)?

"Mobile processing units for small rural communities may well be the best solution emerging from this very positive process we’ve been involved in. They could satisfy demand for a geographical area while being economically and environmentally sustainable. Mobile units could also serve as a bridge solution for farming communities as more permanent infrastructure is considered. The MPPT experience demonstrated that once an affordable, fair wage, permitted option is available, farmers respond by raising more animals. We went from an estimated 200 broilers being raised on Martha’s Vineyard three years ago, to 3,000 last season. This year, under IGI’s Pilot Mobile Poultry Processing Program, we estimate that 5,000 birds will be raised on the Island. In fact, we may be quickly outgrowing our modest MPPT and need to upgrade the mobile unit. This success may also allow us to invest in “bricks-and-mortar” – a permanent processing facility. Now that our farmers have increased their flock size and frequency, the proposition becomes economically feasible, and the opportunity presents itself!"