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Earth Day edition: an appreciation for the behind the scenes work that makes the annual beach clean-up possible; climate change takes the stage for the MV Museum's "One Island, Many Voices" series; and a surprising study from Greenland emphasizes why we must take care of our own environment - even when problems seem too global to confront. 

The Beach Clean-Up is back; more meadows, farms, and fields art to illustrate the conservation story of Allen Sheep Farm; and a bracing winter poem from Ellen Martin Story

Meadow, Farms, & Fields: Art and Conservation stories; important steps at the federal level to protect public lands; another plastic grass hearing at the MVC; and, the single most popular linked item in the history of the almanac

As seas encroach, hopeful signs on the horizon for climate change mitigation; the enormous challenge of America's excessive food waste; another artificial turf hearing at the MVC; and the return of the Earth Day Beach Clean-Up

A proposal to build an artificial turf sports fields tests the Island's commitment to sustainability 

A collaboration between Chilmark Pond Foundation and Great Pond Foundation to develop a science-based management plan for Chilmark Pond; the EU proposes an international ban on microplastic-containing products (and the economic implications of managing the microplastics from artificial turf fields; the mystery of salmon deaths and toxic tires; hiking with the "Good Soles", and an update to the community art project

"Love it. Protect it. MV", the first ever VCS community arts & ideas project; who is to blame for climate change, and who is responsible for addressing it; races for MV Commission give Islanders a chance to vote for sustainability; town meeting update 

Fall Town Meeting warrants feature articles addressing two global environmental issues, climate change and plastic pollution; a lawsuit is filed on Cape Cod challenging towns to better regulate nitrogen pollution; video and recap from the 2020 VCS Annual Meeting; and an "Aquinnah Sunset," a middle-school winner in the Art of Conservation contest 

The 2020 Annual Meeting looks to the future with "20/20 Clarity"; at today's Moshup Trail sanctuary, a 150-year old set-off of buildable lots provides a glimpse of what might have been. 

Why the MVC's DRI Checklist review process matters; the "Reduce and Re-imagine" Fair winner; a deep dive into Island fisheries; another highlight from the Art of Conservation sees the human side of the environment amidst a pandemic; and looking ahead to the VCS Annual Meeting

"Reduce and Re-imagine" your waste with a new category at the annual Agricultural Fair; the Meetinghouse Way subdivision finally comes to a vote, denied 10-4; a "Buttercup" from the Art of Conservation; and an ode to fruit from long-serving VCS Science Adviser Jesse Ausubel

Membership 2020-21: A special note from the President

Get some fresh air with a trip through the "Walking Trails of Martha's Vineyard"; the continuing need for land conservation, despite the appearance that much is already protected; another update on the Meetinghouse Way subdivision proposal; "Behind the Tennis Courts," a winning poem from this year's Art of Conservation. 

"Solace & Insight" art contest winners announced, including photography, painting, drawing, digital design, creative writing, and even one musical composition; another hearing on the Meetinghouse Way subdivision; the very invasive, and very edible, garlic mustard; an original poem by Arnie Reisman, "Environ-Mint"
A special "Nature as Inspiration" film festival edition, including this year's features, ocean noise pollution and an inspirational story of the power of film to advance real action, and the opening show of The Art of Conservation 

A final call to student artists for this year's art contest, The Art of Conservation; the return of "Meeting House Place", a proposal to build a suburban subdivision on 54 acres near the Edgartown Great Pond; new recycling signage for the transfer stations; the Food Waste Challenge; the upcoming "Nature as Inspiration" film festival; and an original poem by Warren Woessner, "Lost Country"

An "Earth Hour" from MVY Radio brings you local voices on environmental issues (including two from VCS); the 2020 edition of The Art of Conservation looks to "Solace & Insight"; a local kayaker shares his journeys through the quiet waters of the pandemic shutdown; a citizen science initiative on pollution monitoring; and, the Clean-Up 2020 photos keep coming in, but time is running out! 

Earth Day Clean-up 2020 updates and photos; also history from 1992, the "re-birth" of the MV beach clean-up, and a list of environmentally-conscious films for all ages

Big changes to the Earth Day Beach Clean-Up in the age of social distancing; also, history from the first Earth Day on Martha's Vineyard, and the first clean-up

A Winter Walk on Tisbury's ancient ways recalls the Revolutionary history of "Grey's Raid"; conservation and cultural history of the Chikamaug/Chickammoo area; the kids of "Plastic Free MV" take their ban on disposable plastic bottles to the three down-Island towns

Pilot Hill Farm history, including it's conservation via a limited development plan, and the story of a family who lived where the land meets the sea

Designation of two ancient ways in Tisbury as protected "Special Ways" by the MVC, marking a major milestone in a decades-long, and under-the-radar, conservation effort; a new membership drive; Winter Walks updates

A "Walk & Create" event brings families together at Featherstone for nature-inspired art; the dramatic conservation history at the Southern Woodlands; Northern long-eared bat research; suggestions for "Giving Tuesday"

Winter Walks return with a visit to the Correllus State Forest, where a new visitor's center and outdoor classroom is under construction using timber from the forest; background and commentary on PFAS, and these chemicals reveal weaknesses and contradictions in environmental protection; clothing swap; climate events.

A Steamship Authority special edition: The SSA's new draft mission statement offers a nod to "sustainability" and "community," but appears confused as to what that means.

Questioning consumption with VCS and Nina Hitchen (aka "Plastic Free on MV"), including a thoughtful interview on the challenges and rewards of "breaking free from plastic"

A special edition focusing on the intersection of faith and the environment, with an upcoming climate bazaar and book talk: Thomas Berry, A Biography. 

Compost & Climate special edition: food waste as an important climate change issue; MVC hearing on transfer station expansion that could open new opportunities in improved waste management; the upcoming week of climate change activism.

A suburban-style subdivision is proposed for 54 acres near the Edgartown Great Pond, the VCS position and historical background on zoning and affordability concerns; a new outdoor classroom for the State Forest; the power of organic turf management and state recognition of local success; climate change, national politics, and distractions.

Special Edition: Greening the Ag Fair, including the "Bring Your Own" tent from VCS and Island Grown; a second outdoor water bottle refill station to join the permanent indoor unit; outreach to food vendors and the public to "skip the straw"; and ongoing efforts to improve waste handling and composting at the Fair.

The potential for environmental DNA to revolutionize wildlife sampling, and some recent results from sampling local waters; business outreach for Take Back the Tap initiative hopes to add many more locations to the Tap Map; improved waste management at the upcoming Ag Fair; sea level rise and historic buildings and neighborhoods; an online survey for local efforts to reduce food waste.

The Nature as Inspiration environmental film festival returns with 8 great films; a panel discussion on climate change, held at the Film Center and moderated by VCS, brings together local politicians, climate scientists, and high school students; winners of the Art of Conservation high school art contest are announced at the opening showing and reception; Aquinnah becomes the third town to approve the bottle ban bylaw, but not before giving the students of Plastic Free MV their biggest challenge to date. 

Special edition: Environmental issues take the floor at spring Town Meetings
West Tisbury becomes the first in the nation to ban sales of both water and sodas in plastic bottles, with Chilmark and Aquinnah yet to vote on the measure; Chilmark also faces upcoming votes on artificial turf playing fields and intentional release of helium balloons

West Tisbury has the opportunity to become the first town in America to ban the sales of single-use plastic bottles of water and soda (joining 4 other Massachusetts towns in banning bottled water); also, photos and recap from our collaboration with Featherstone, more background on the VCS "Take Back the Tap" initiative, the importance of traditional septic systems to our island's wastewater management, and a local artist makes inspirational pieces from beach garbage. 

Collaboration with Featherstone Center for the Arts for a Winter Walk and nature-inspired art for all ages; West Tisbury students bring a bylaw before Town Meeting in three towns to ban single-use plastic bottles; a presentation and Q&A forum to begin answering the difficult and confusing questions about local recycling; spotlighting BYO efforts at the MV Hospital cafeteria.

Introducing the MV Tap Map, an online resource for locating your nearest source of free chilled, filtered water; Winter Walk collaboration at Featherstone; and, photos from the Spring Point walk. 

Winter Walk at Spring Point; Airport expansion plans, which appear to be largely driven by negative reviews from airline passengers, draw significant opposition at public meeting; improving water quality at Mill Brook by fixing undersized culverts; High School committee meets to decide on plastic vs. natural grass; Zero Waste movie night at West Tisbury School; scenes from Thimble Farm

Winter Walk at Thimble Farm with Island Grown Initiative; as the global recycling market struggles we take a look at the merits and political challenges of bottle deposit laws; the Chilmark Library offers book bags for checkout

Special edition: Year-end appeal, Persian tribal rug fundraiser, and a new VCS video, "Conservation Outlook 20/20" 

Taking Back the Tap on MV: How can we reduce the demand for single use bottled water?
Also, the environmental perspective on the debate between natural grass and artificial turf for playing fields, the Fourth National Climate Assessment, and an upcoming Winter Walk collaboration at Waskosims Rock showcases the importance of working together in Vineyard conservation. 

The first Winter Walk of the season sets out from VCS home base at the Wakeman Center; Stop & Shop discontinues the use of extra-thick plastic checkout bags and returns to paper; an update on the controversy over the Steamship Authority terminal expansion project; and positive news on the healing of the planet's ozone layer.

Special edition: The Steamship Authority's $60 million terminal redesign project, including the opening of a third slip to regular ferry traffic, portends faster traffic growth on Martha's Vineyard.  

"Reduce, Reuse, Refill" special edition: The annual Ag Fair got greener in 2018, thanks to a new water bottle refill station and improved waste management procedures; also, the VCS educational display takes a blue ribbon, with a big assist from an amazing sculpture from the campers at Sense of Wonder Creations!

Plastic bag ban special edition: Hope for a statewide ban, and a local setback

The MV Land Bank faces an evergreen threat - the elimination of its funding source - from an unusual place, the MV Times; plastic pollution in the ocean takes center stage at the VCS Annual Meeting; and the history of American capitalism from the perspective of the humble drinking straw

The VCS Annual Meeting, featuring special guest speaker Jessica Donahue of the Sea Education Association; the third annual M.V. Coastal Conference presents a diversity of exciting new coastal research; World Oceans Day 2018 focuses on plastic pollution; and the USA declines to support a multinational effort to reduce plastic waste

A preview of the 4th Annual Nature as Inspiration film festival, and the announcement of winners of the 5th Annual Art of Conservation contest; during the festival, a total of 13 young artists were honored at the opening reception and awards ceremony: Jonathan Chivers, Olivia Schroeder, Owen Metell, Felix Colon, Simone Davis, Jeneleigh Griffin, Jenna Josephs, Julianne Josephs, Hemilly Nascimento, Aidan Nunes, Davin Tackabury, Frank Cray, and Josue Dos Santos.

The Beach Clean-Up wrap-up, with thoughts on an Island community's job well done; an interview with Sophie Abrams Mazza on residential food waste collection and composting; homemade food hacks; new threats to horseshoe crabs from the medical industry; and a bit of humor is found in an artist's approach to water conservation advocacy

West Tisbury student group "Safe Sea MV" brings a bylaw to prohibit the intentional release of helium balloons before Town Meeting in 3 towns, after having already won passage in Aquinnah; a fresh look at one of the most important, and the largest, tract of conservation land on our island, the Manuel Correllus State Forest, and an introduction to the newly-formed "Friends of the State Forest" advocacy group

A short events notice, containing some interesting info on "zero-waste wardrobe", i.e. reducing the waste footprint of your clothing; also Winter Walk at State Forest

A new advocacy group, the "Friends of Manuel Correllus State Forest" is formed, seeking to raise funds for increased forest management; VCS Bring Your Own outreach effort collaborates with Oak Bluffs School library on a new bag for kids; the Art of Conservation returns to take a deeper look at "Habitat"; globally, another warm year; and photos from the Feb. Winter Walk.

A Winter Walk at the Woods Preserve, tips and tricks for reducing the amount of plastic packaging at the grocery store, Zero Waste Community Movie Night brings the Island together in waste reduction, and the legal pitfalls that happen when hastily eliminating environmental protections. 

In two independent moves in the same week, the Baker and Trump administrations combine to throw shade on the residential solar market; also, a special "Zero Waste" community dinner event at the West Tisbury School 

A family-friendly Winter Walk visits West Chop Beaches and Sense of Wonder Studio for nature-inspired art; a new series of workshops feature tips and tricks to "Break Free from Plastic"; raw sewage discharged in Nantucket Harbor; and, a look back at 2017 suggests that maybe it wasn't quite as bad as it seemed

The second Winter Walk is a multi-part adventure in collaboration with Featherstone center for the Arts, featuring a rugged walk through the conservation lands surrounding the historic pumping station in Oak Bluffs, followed by a crafting activity for the kids back at Featherstone; a new program to allow hunters to donate extra venison to the Food Pantry is a welcome step in efforts to reduce the local deer population; also, taking back the tap in London

Winter Walks season kicks off with a trip to Black Point and Quenames Cove, and a major milestone in the "Take Back the Tap" effort to install water bottle refill stations across the Island. 

New temperature data from Mill Brook show warming along stream is largely due to ponds and other impoundments, and the case that thermal barriers can be a form of habitat fragmentation; also, a discouraging turn of events at the EPA away and the "free rider" problems in reducing greenhouse gas emissions 

A new bill in the Mass. statehouse would allow for localities to regulate pesticides, a power currently preempted by state law; also, "Breaking up with Plastics" at the Living Local Harvest Festival and challenges when donating for disaster relief

A special interpretive walk at the State Forest discusses geology, ancient ecology, and future management potential for the forest; a historical perspective on why the speed of transportation always increases, yet the length of commutes remains the same; and a new website documenting local biodiversity

Preserving farmland for the future, how medical models can help us better understand global environmental threats, and how human life depends on biodiversity

The results of an analysis of environmental DNA (eDNA) sampled from Look's Pond and Tisbury Great Pond; the lighter side of big houses via a visit to "McMansion Hell"; and another winner from the 2017 Art of Conservation
The VCS Annual Meeting, featuring a presentation by Jesse Ausubel on environmental DNA (eDNA), and how this new tool can revolutionize the way we understand what's in our waters; first place winners of the annual high school art contest; and commentary on the decision to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement
The 2017 "Nature as Inspiration" film festival kicks off with a rousing reception for The Bullish Farmer; a special event for kids and a free screening of The Lorax; and winners from the 2017 Art of Conservation announced and honored at the film festival
Six-for-six: Oak Bluffs passes the BYOB bylaw, making it a clean sweep for the Island; the Earth Day Beach Clean-Up Wrap-up; Islanders head to Boston for the People's Climate March; the "Make Less Waste" film series returns with Life Without a Trash Can  

After a long winding road, the BYOB bylaw gets its chance before the voters in Oak Bluffs; the 25th anniversary of the Earth Day Beach Clean-Up; reusable bags decorated by students at the Oak Bluffs school; an alternative to plastic grass is Easter baskets; and the ever-popular trail guide Walking Trails of M.V. returns with a new 5th edition 

The BYOB bylaw gets complicated in Oak Bluffs, with two competing articles on the warrant at Town Meeting; also, students decorate reusable shopping bags for giveaway in the community, photos from a family nature craft walk at Featherstone, and the complex issues surrounding use of herbicides in an environmentally responsible way

Our final Winter Walk is a family-friendly walk and nature craft at Featherstone and nearby conservation land; also, the uphill battle against waste, in an economic and psychological landscape that favors consumerism. 

Moshup Trail sheds light on conservation history, legal defense, and, when the going gets tough, the importance of defending gains already made; "Life Without a Trash Can", the next event in the Resolution 2017: Make Less Waste film series; the MVC begins hearings on the proposed expansion of high school athletic facilities, including the use of artificial turf fields.
Oak Bluffs students create decorative shopping bags for giveaway to the community; VCS and the MV Film Society host a special screening of the new documentary A Plastic Ocean, followed by Q&A with VCS staff; also, a collaborative film series with the Oak Bluffs Library, "2017 Resolution: Make Less Waste", brings attention to other waste management and plastic pollution issues. 

BYOB bylaw takes effect; a Winter Walk and conservation history at the Woods Preserve; and a special screening of A Plastic Ocean and the MV Film Center.
Bring Your Own Bag Day, a joint effort by VCS and the Vineyard Haven Business Association, offers giveaways and holiday cheer for Main Street shoppers; conservation history and a new Winter Walk at Morning Glory; fun crafting projects with packaging materials; the US Supreme Court slams the door on the long-running legal defense case at Moshup Trail.
Students at the Oak Bluffs School lend their creativity and enthusiasm to the Bring Your Own Bag initiative; Winter Walks return with a visit to Flat Point Farm; an amazing new map helps explain "The Life of Trash"; the ecological impacts of putting trash into a landfill vs. incinerating it; high school students share their thoughts on the future.
New water bottle refilling stations at the High School are a huge hit, saving thousands of disposable plastic bottles a week; a broader look at the many factors contributing to summer traffic; affordable housing and smart growth, and a new survey for Islanders to weigh in; and a handy internet tool for local leaders to find current info on climate change and adaptation.
"Reduce-Reuse-Recycle" is the theme of this year's Living Local Harvest Fest, featuring a roundtable discussion on "The Life of Trash" with VCS staff and local recycling, compost, and waste management experts; also why VCS must reluctantly, but strongly, oppose the proposal to clear forested land to build a solar farm.
A summer of heavy traffic on the Vineyard and what the Steamship Authority could do to help; the importance of careful review by the MV Commission of an ambitious proposal to expand the high school athletic facilities into an Island-wide hub; and the need to bring an appreciation of nature to all people, even those who are hard to reach and often ignored.
The issue of big houses, aka "high impact development", reaches a wider audience thanks to a new documentary film; an update on the regional composting and food waste study, including volunteer opportunities; and the decline in typical lawn sizes, driven not by environmental concerns but by the expanding footprints of houses.
A major fundraising campaign is announced at the Annual Meeting; a lengthy feature on VCS appears in Martha's Vineyard Magazine; what you can do to improve habitat for Monarch butterflies; and an update on the ongoing Island-wide composting and food waste study.
VCS Annual Meeting, featuring the aerial photography of Neal Rantoul; the Bug and Bee Festival at Native Earth Teaching Farm celebrates our pollinators; an exciting new living shoreline project kicks off at Felix Neck; and the simplest smoothie needs no recipe.

The Beach Clean-Up wrap-up finds some interesting patterns but no major oddities among the beach trash of 2016; the second edition of the VCS environmental film festival, Nature as Inspiration; the Alberta tar sands wildfire and questionable calls for "sensitivity"; and the BYOB bylaw secures a fourth town.

The 24th annual Earth Day Beach Clean-Up; a major victory at the state Supreme Judicial Court in our long-running legal defense of the rare and declining coastal heathland habitat at Moshup Trail; three towns vote overwhelmingly to BYOB, with a fourth soon to come; the OB Library and VCS co-host a kids' craft activity to make BYOB'ing more fun; and a helpful guide to the new lawn fertilizer regulations.

The winners of the 2016 Art of Conservation contest; VCS hosts a screening of Bag It at the MV Film Center; more info sessions for the plastic bag ban; and the big picture view of the BYOB bylaw. 
The final winter walk of the season visits Native Earth Teaching Farm; winners of the annual high school art contest; a new report on threats to the world's (non-honeybee) pollinators; and plastic bag ban updates, including new info sessions and responses to criticism from the Washington, DC plastic bag lobby.
Highlights from an unusual winter walk at the Edgartown Harbor wetlands; new public info sessions announced for the plastic bag bylaw; and the promise and peril of turning the management of limited water resources over to the market.
Conservation history, including a fierce legal battle, of the Harbor View wetlands, and history of the Edgartown Lighthouse; four info sessions announced regarding the plastic bag bylaw on the 2016 Town Meeting warrant; and a useful bulletin explaining barrier beaches and the processes by which they are created, changed, and moved.
Woods Preserve winter walks and conservation history; an Island-wide study of food waste and possible solutions; and the thin line between free speech and fraud that exists when businesses engage in self-interested science.
Conservation history at the Allen Sheet Farm, update on the plastic bag bylaw, oral arguments before the Supreme Judicial Court for the long-running Moshup Trail Sanctuary case, and an unexpected connection between industry climate science and "Deflategate"
A Winter Walk at Seven Gates Farm, new maps from the MV Commission to help visualize the Island Plan, and amazing beach sculptures made of plastic.
VCS launches a new initiative to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags at the Living Local Harvest Festival; Mashpee voters approve a large aquaculture project as part of a new wastewater management plan; reducing your electric bill with a free energy audit from Cape Light Compact; and the announcement that the Pilgrim nuclear plant will close by 2019.
The Living Local Harvest Festival; a new (and possibly short-lived) breach opens separating Chappaquiddick again; new rules at the Associated Press point to the importance of language in the debate over environmental issues

A new adaptation plan for the Town of Oak Bluffs seeks to address local impacts of climate change; the embattled Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth receives an important downgrade to it's Federal safety rating

VCS celebrates 50 years of fighting to protect the land and water of Martha's Vineyard; a roundup of where the US presidential candidates stand on climate change; the challenges seafood customers face when trying to make sustainable choices
Vineyard artists painting en plein air at sites conserved through VCS action and the art opening to showcase their work; a new CR in Chilmark expands a conservation foothold near Tea Lane; and the exciting high-seas pursuit of the world's most notorious fish poacher by a group of "eco-vigilantes."
From sustaining to thriving: VCS annual meeting tackles the questions of the next 50 years; a new study of bats on the Vineyard needs public input; art contest winners on display in Oak Bluffs; the broader impact of a Supreme Court ruling on mercury emissions standards
A quick look at the origin and mission of VCS as we prepare for the 50th anniversary annual meeting, new trails open at Oak Bluff's Sailing Camp Park, and the school art contest takes on a new theme for 2015: water.
Nature as Inspiration packs the house at the MV Film Center, winners announced for the second annual Art of Conservation high school art contest, and money- and energy-saving incentives from two Massachusetts resources.
Nature as Inspiration: VCS and the MV Film Society bring Jacques Perrin and his amazing nature films to the Vineyard for a weekend festival; students paddle Chilmark Pond in search of winning photographs; recycling for boat shrink-wrap; and how you can help spread the word about lawn fertilizer regulations
The Art of Conservation returns with a new contest theme of the importance of water; the common and unusual finds of the 23rd annual Earth Day Beach Clean-Up; and an overview of recent scientific studies of ocean pollution reveals both missing plastic and one surprising place it has turned up.
Twenty-three years of cleaning the Vineyard's beaches, VCS launches a new questing adventure under the banner of "Connect-Reflect-Protect"; and a jarring new book of photography documents humanity's growing footprint on Earth.
New fertilizer regulations for the Vineyard take effect, and a new brochure from VCS to help homeowners comply with the regulations and maintain a healthy lawn; cloth napkins for picnics and outings; and a rather shameless argument against renewable energy from utility companies and the fossil fuel industry: a "free rider" problem.
Conservation history at Mermaid Farm, and finding value and conservation of materials in the Island's consignment shops.
Offshore wind in Massachusetts moves forward as new areas in federal waters off the Vineyard's south shore are auctioned, but bids are surprisingly low; also, conservation history at Allen Sheep Farm, and the environmental problems of keeping lights on timers.

Jan. 19, 2015
The VCS 50th anniversary and upcoming events, a setback for land conservation at Moshup Trail, declining oil prices make Keystone XL an even worse idea than ever, and scenes from the Winter Walk at Katama Farm.
Conservation and land use history at Katama Farm, the need for alternative methods of controlling Phragmites in light of a town herbicide ban, the argument that Homo sapiens are Earth's greatest invasive species, and revisiting the basic assumptions of invasive species management.
Conservation history and a Winter Walk at Morning Glory Farm, and a sneak-peek at the annual global temperature report for 2014.
The historic designation of the Gay Head Cliffs in 1965 as a National Natural Landmark; the complicated issue of offshore sand mining; and eelgrass beds demonstrate the important interconnections between excess nitrogen in the water and excess carbon in the atmosphere.
Winter Walks return with a tour through five decades of conservation; the concept of Peak Farmland and the possibility for rewilding current agricultural land; a peak behind the curtain into the ugly business of discrediting environmentalists.
What do you love about Martha's Vineyard? What do you most want to protect? The VCS team posed these questions and more to the public at the Living Local Harvest Festival. Also, wetland loss on the Louisiana coast and an ambitions lawsuit.
The origins of the Living Local Harvest Festival, how excess nutrients can lead to the physical destruction of salt marshes, and a record-setting global climate march.
A new study of black racer snakes seeks community input; the return of the California blue whales may not be news, but the rebounding Antarctic population could soon be; and quotes on the use of wildlife in TV programs.
VCS wins another award at the Ag Fair, the 2014 Living Local Harvest Festival, and the effect of tire pressure on gas mileage.
A night at the movies with Frostpaw the polar bear to see "The Island President" at MVFS, engine idling at the ferry car staging area, and the Art of Conservation shows in Oak Bluffs.
"Vineyard Spaces," an essay by Elizabeth Campbell, why idling your car is wasteful and unnecessary, Walking Trails book profiled in Boston Globe, and waves "from the inside out."
What you can do to protect the Vineyard's natural heritage, the EPA bans dumping wastewater of all of the Massachusetts coast and the local response to the new rules, and the VCS annual meeting.
Offshore wind energy promoted to the big leagues with the announcement of a huge new lease area off the south coast on the Vineyard; a presentation on safety concerns at the Pilgrim nuclear plant; Divide in Concord, a new film on one activist's efforts to ban single-use water bottles in her town; the winning painting in the VCS art contest; and the VCS annual meeting, featuring speaker Luanne Johnson on "The Power of One" in protecting biodiversity.
The opening of a new trail at Katama Farm, two grants for coastal restoration awarded to Vineyard projects, and the winning entry in the drawing category of the VCS art contest.
Winners announced for the Art of Conservation; at town meeting, all six Martha's Vineyard towns agree to new lawn fertilizer restrictions; a state Supreme Judicial Court decision affirming the charitable purpose of conservation land; and the destabilized West Antarctic ice sheet.
The opening event for the Art of Conservation show; interstate air pollution draws an environmentally favorable ruling from the Supreme Court; and the Earth Day Beach Clean-up Wrap-up.
The first-ever VCS art contest calls on high school students to share their expressions of conservation; invasive species and native pioneer species at the beach; local regulations on fertilizer use; and how 2013 stacks up in the climate-change-fueled race for hottest year on record.
Final Winter Walk of the season, a combination walk and craft day at Sense of Wonder Creations; the Stop & Shop expansion and climate change impacts; and construction of artificial wetlands to reduce nutrient loading in coastal waters.
Walking on History: the story of the lost Bass Creek of Vineyard Haven; three videos put environmental change into motion: time-lapse satellite maps reveal erosional (and other) changes, 60 years of global climate data, and aerial video of excavation and beach maintenance.
Recap of the Winter Walk at the Woods Preserve, the VCS position on the proposed Stop&Shop expansion, supply-chain problems and shortages in the U.S. natural gas boom, and snowy owls attract local eyeballs.
A major gain for conservation of the globally threatened coastal heathlands habitat comes in the form of a year-end gift of many small land parcels around the Moshup Trail project area; also, a new take on groundwater pollution: Underground Trespassing.
An arduous walk through the Quenames woods and around Black Point Pond, memories of an earlier time at Quansoo, local wildlife biologists discuss their work with our coastal river otters, new resources from CZM for learning about managing erosion and storm damage on coastal properties, and a possible end to the trend of ever-increasing house sizes.
Winter walk at Quansoo Beach and Black Point Pond, local food events, and a new tool for making sustainable and healthy seafood choices.
Recap of the Gay Head Cliffs walk and a slideshow, some geologic history of the island, and connections between Super Typhoon Haiyan and global climate change.
The geology of the Gay Head Cliffs and the first Winter Walk of the season; waste-to-energy plants burn garbage to generate electricity: is such a system possible on the Vineyard?

Oct. 21, 2013
Statewide fertilizer regulations are coming, and an opportunity to create more locally-tailored restrictions on nitrogen; outdoor cats and wildlife; and hunter safety and tick-borne disease.
Living Local Harvest Fest 2013, Flat Point Farm moves closer to permanent protection, the effects of second-generation rat poisons on other animals, and a strange year for the jet stream leads to unusual and severe weather.
VCS climate change report featured in Vineyard Gazette story on sea level rise, beginning of web releases of the report, a new sea level rise display at the Ag Fair, the upcoming sale of the historic Parsonage House, and SkyTruth, your big, green, brother.
Nitrogen pollution and possible regulatory approaches to the problem from the Nantucket perspective; the resilient, yet endangered Northeastern tiger beetle; an art show to benefit Island water protection organizations; and another drilling platform disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
Two speakers at the VCS Annual Meeting draw an unusually large crowd, the shifting sands at Wasque form the backdrop for a conference on coastal erosion, a big shift in climate policy is ignored by the pundits but finds a home with late-night comedians, and new educational posters on Island conservation efforts tour the town libraries.
Pollinators, biodiversity, and an encore Rising Seas presentation at the VCS Annual Meeting, new Earth Day poster making the library rounds, and the elevator pitch for biodiversity.
A presentation on local effects of rising sea levels packs the house at the Senior Center, new community drop-off locations for shell recycling, and upcoming events, including a composting workshop and the final VCS winter walk of the season, a volunteer work day at the Mary Black Sanctuary.
Peeking under the tarp of the 2013 Beach Clean-up: what sort of strange things were collected this year? Also, VCS raffle winners.
The 2013 Earth Day Beach Clean-up and Earth's great oceanic garbage patches: why efforts to clean them must begin on land, and a discussion of a disappointing techno-fix.
Flat Point Farm moves closer toward permanent protection, the next Green on Screen event, Chasing Ice, looks at a photographers journey to document the Arctic's melting glaciers, and a novel clean energy idea, the "downdraft tower."
Recaps of the West Chop walk and Biophilic Design screening, aerial infrared surveys of deer and the ticks they carry, tiny flying machines -- "robobees" -- set out to solve problems through mass action, and smart adaptation to rising seas and increased coastal flooding.

March 4, 2013
A look at the film Biophilic Design and an interview with Executive Producer Stephen Kellert, crafts and kids' activities at our West Chop Winter Walk, sea vegetable farming, and novel energy ideas.

Jan 17, 2013
A winter walk at Katama becomes a stroll through the fog, the effect of climate change on the local economy, wastewater management becomes the talk of Cape Cod, and some fun with truly terrible graphs.

Jan 3, 2013
New funding for stream restoration and coastal flooding infrastructure, Liz Durkee looks at local effects on human health due to climate change, and a look at an ambitious experiment in the Chesapeake Bay that seeks to untangle the complicated web of changes to wetlands.

Dec 13, 2012
Winter walk at Eastville Beach, VCS and State Coastal Zone Management Team up for Coastsweep, Crafty Creations from the Oak Bluffs Library, and Grandma Lydia's Christmas Pudding.

Nov 29, 2012
Winter Walk at Eastville Beach, and the history of a conservation success at a site of potential beachfront development; public hearing at the MVC regarding review of big house construction; the impact of climate change on local agriculture; and new bans target plastics and polystyrene in some Massachusetts towns.

Nov 10, 2012
The season's first winter walk at Katama Farm, and two pieces on climate change: 1) the subject makes a rare appearance during the President's victory speech, and 2) the effect of local climate change on the spread and success of invasive plants

Oct 15, 2012
A new look at green energy production in the U.S. suggests it is profitable in its own right, not just "the right thing to do"; an online carpooling group for Islanders; and the impact of climate change on the bigger picture - plants and animals and their interactions with each other.

Oct 1, 2012
Green on Screen film collaboration "Switch", the effect of climate change on our freshwater aquifers, VCS at the Living Local Harvest Fest, and the politics of plastic bags

Sept 18, 2012
Living Local Harvest Festival 2012, the important role of wetlands in the face of climate change, scientists take interest in the more frequent sightings of southern butterflies in Massachusetts.

Sept 4, 2012
Last Call at the Oasis at the Capawock Theatre, the impact of climate change on fish and the fishing business, and lost sounds of underwater life.

Aug 20, 2012
VCS at the Ag Fair, the impact of climate change on local severe weather, and Arctic sea ice is melting more quickly than previously thought.

Aug 6, 2012
Art benefit for the Moshup Trail Project at the Gay Head Gallery, the impact of climate change and ocean acidification on shellfish, and a "converted skeptic" discovers that humans have been contributing to climate change after all.

July 23, 2012
Two new videos to help make sense of the complex issues of global climate change, the platonic opposite of a Vineyard Lawn, and the differences between hurricanes and nor'easters.

July 9, 2012
The science of attributing weather events to climate change, and the media's reporting on it; also, a presentation on pollinators, and a future art show at the Gay Head Gallery.

June 25, 2012
Climate change awareness event at the Grange featuring Bill and Margot Moomaw, Island black oaks face a new threat in the form of a gall wasp, an unfortunate compromise in Falmouth's wind power battle, and the concerns raised by more frequent flooding.

June 11, 2012
The Hard Facts About Sea Level Rise, Biogas from organic waste digestion, dumpster diving, the use of organic waste in agriculture, and an ink-saving font.

May 29, 2012
Sea level rise and coastal erosion raises tough questions in Matunuck, RI, impacts of growing deer populations on songbirds (and the broader biota), coastal seagrass as an important carbon sink, and the first of Liz Durkee's Vineyard Gazette climate change series.

May 14, 2012
A survey to help Dukes Country plan its conservation efforts, a new study to examine why Upper Lagoon Pond isn't reducing nitrogen loading in the Lagoon sufficiently, and Massachusetts seeks to remove all commercial food waste from landfills.

Apr 30, 2012
The Earth Day Beach Clean-up wrap-up, a new application to allow the public to assist in invasive species monitoring, historic and modern images of the Earth from space, and National Geographic's underwater photography contest. 

Apr 9, 2012
The 20th Annual Earth Day Beach Clean-Up, invasive garlic mustard, and protecting our beaches and wildlife from fly-away balloons.

Mar 26, 2012
Earth Hour reconsidered as Efficiency Hour, real solutions to high gas prices, and Chilmark considers adding additional review to mega-mansion construction.

Mar 12, 2012
Final Winter Walk recap, protecting our waters from toxic effects of medications, and a possible mechanism by which global warming contributes to colder winters.

Feb 27, 2012
Woods Preserve winter walk, a photo-essay of erosion at Wasque Pt., and the changing tactics and motivations of climate change denial

Feb 13, 2012
Featherstone walk recap, satellite based measurements of global ice melt, and correction re: marine animal strandings

Jan 30, 2012
Winter Walk at Featherstone, stranded dolphins in Cape Cod Bay, close-up 3-D images of sand particles, and a new study on Colony Collapse Disorder

Jan 16, 2012
Wakeman Center/Cranberry Acres/Hoft Farm Winter Walk, decorative recycling at the Oak Bluffs library, and the big house controversy comes into focus in Chilmark

Dec 19, 2011
Big houses and local newspaper coverage, a member's account of improving water quality, and the Durban climate talks

Dec 5, 2011
Chilmark Pond/Allen Farm Winter Walk, 2011 a warm year, but mitigated by La Nina, and the final "Mystery Wreck" update

Nov 21, 2011
Recycling Survey wrap-up, starling murmuration, and the "safe" level of global warming

Nov 7, 2011
Moshup Trail winter walk, National Geographic's best environmental photos, and California's cap-and-trade program

Oct 24, 2011
Fraudulent fish, the Island Cooperative Compost Project, Vision Fellowship recruiting, state energy efficiency rankings, and the "Mystery Wreck" photo

Oct 11, 2011
Recycling in food service, geoengineering, and environmental political cartoons

Sept 26, 2011
Living Local, wind power on Scottish islands, and the State of the Birds

Sept 12, 2011
The Greenlands: history and current events, job creation from local agriculture, and the practicality (and wisdom) of attributing individual weather events to climate change

Aug 29, 2011
Recycling by government and small business, the definition of "native," scientific integrity at the EPA, and DIY recycling

Aug 15, 2011
Invasive species: ecological bullies or the scapegoats of nativists? Also, VCS at the Ag Fair, and walking Martha's Vineyard

Aug 1, 2011
Aquaculture in Lagoon Pond and re-opening of the lobster hatchery, art gallery benefit for Moshup Trail Project, and the Meat Eater's Guide to Climate Change and Health

July 18, 2011
Shrink-warp recycling wrap-up, wineberry season, and the ocean's garbage patches, aka "the other plastic problem"

June 20, 2011: "The Changing Landscape of Martha's Vineyard"

June 6, 2011: "Waste Not, Want Not"

May 23, 2011: "Rain Anyone?"

May 9, 2011: "Eat Your Heart Out on Martha's Vineyard!"

Apr 25, 2011: "Caring for Our Island"

Apr 11, 2011: "Human Impacts on the Vineyard Coastline"

Mar 28, 2011
Large-scale development, the Census of Marine Life, "A Vineyard Way" outreach campaign, and Biomap2

Mar 14, 2011
Adaptation to shoreline change, in particular the risks of hard revetments

Feb 28, 2011
Lagoon Pond study results, great pond round-up, push-back to land-based wind, and thoughts on industrial agriculture, sustainability, and GMOs

Feb 14, 2011
A new lobster species, Dinochelus ausubeli, oysters for Valentine's Day, a map of possible offshore wind sites, and new board members Luanne Johnson and Samantha Look

Jan 31, 2011
Rez Williams interview, the history of the Wakeman Center,Cranberry Acres trail tale

Jan 18, 2011
Big houses and the MVC's DRI checklist review process, mountain top removal coal mining, and VCS winter walks

Jan 3, 2011
Recycling by the numbers, plastic in the oceans, and green New Year's resolutions

Dec 20, 2010
Food security, and the Cancun climate change conference

Nov 22, 2010
Autumn olive, Edgartown Great Pond dredging, Chip Osborne on pesticides and synthetics, refusing disposable materials, and a winter walk at Norton Point

Sustainability and the Living Local Harvest Festival, the VCS Winter Walks, and the Ponds in Peril Forum

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