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Almanac Archive: Special Notice, Sept. 9 2020

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Conservation Almanac Special Notice
VCS Annual Meeting Tonight
Beginning at 5:30 pm via Zoom 
Please join us tonight at 5:30 for the Annual Meeting of the Membership and Board of the Vineyard Conservation Society. This year’s meeting will be a streamlined affair with our own Executive Director Brendan O’Neill as the featured speaker. Brendan will share some of our Island’s most important and interesting conservation stories, while looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities of the future with "20/20 Clarity for Conservation."

The online meeting begins at 5:30 pm and is expected to last about an hour. Zoom link here. If you are not familiar with Zoom meetings, please watch this tutorial video and then contact us if you still have questions.
Then and Now
In 1870, land that had been held in common usage for centuries by the resident Native Americans was “set-off” by the Commonwealth in a grid-like pattern. This massive subdivision of hundreds of small lots remains on the books, representing a significant development threat. The project to protect one of the last vestiges of coastal heathland habitat (of which 90% has been lost globally) began in the late 1990s with the creation of the Moshup Trail Sanctuary seen below, and continues today.


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