Protecting Our Wildlands and Woodlands

(continued from the Conservation Almanac)

The study goes on to suggest how this might be accomplished. David Foster was very complimentary of our own "Island Plan", referencing it a number of times for its depth and foresight and similarities to his own work. To me, this was very gratifying, confirming just how far out in front we are on many of these important conservation issues. It also confirmed the importance of working in the years ahead to implement the strategies set out in the Island Plan.

Two other issues which align with our mission at VCS, climate change and self-sufficiency, are also addressed in the Harvard Forest report. Trees are really good at sequestering carbon, and will play a critical role in the carbon cap and trade strategies being discussed nationally and internationally. As for living more locally, presently, 95% of our building lumber (along with most of our food) comes from outside of New England; making better economic use of our own timber resource makes sense. All good reasons to preserve our wildlands and woodlands.