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Support Vineyard Conservation!

The Vineyard Conservation Society takes a broad view of conservation. Our mission entails promoting awareness about a wide range of environmental issues; nurturing community support for workable solutions; and, when necessary, fighting to defend the Island’s resources against exploitation and inappropriate development. Support for this vital work comes from our membership base, business partners, donors and volunteers

Voices of Vineyard Conservation
"The whole future of Martha's Vineyard hinges on whether it has enough people of real vision. . . . if children yet unborn are to see any land in its natural state, we who are living today must save it for them."
VCS co-founder Richard Pough, recruiting other founding members fifty years ago

"It's not about the amount, it's the principle of the thing. I don't have a lot to give to VCS or anyone else except for sweat equity, but I believe in supporting institutions that work for the good of the community. I support VCS because it's a broad spectrum advocacy organization, committed to protecting all aspects of our Island environment and way of life."
~ Ginny Jones, West Tisbury

"I joined VCS because of their strong commitment to preserving the Island character that I so fondly remember growing up with. I want my kids and grandkids to enjoy clean Great Ponds and the pristine heathlands of Moshup Trail. I wanted to be part of a group who is not afraid to stand up against inappropriate development and will fight for what is right for the Island, not the individual."
~ Samantha Look, West Tisbury

“The battle for the Island’s soul is getting fiercer all the time, which is why VCS is in my will. Environmental advocacy and working with the legal system is a role that is uniquely filled by VCS. I hope my bequest will help build funds that can be drawn on when VCS needs to move quickly in defense of this fragile and beautiful place.”
~ Frank Stewart, Brown University

"Consider our own Island: If it becomes spoiled by the wrong type of exploitation, by nuisances which so far have been kept away, or even by overcrowding, the vacationers who prefer natural countryside and seashore will easily go farther and pass us by. The future holds danger as well as promise, for almost any spot within a few hundred miles of metropolitan centers can be turned into nothing more than a cheap suburban resort."
~ VCS co-founder Henry Beetle Hough, writing in 1944 for the Vineyard Gazette

Ways you can support VCS

100% of Member Dues and Donations stay right here on Martha’s Vineyard, working directly to help preserve our environment.

Become a member! 
It's easy to become a member using our online donation system (see below for other giving methods). The basic membership is $50 annually. With the website you can also:
   Renew your membership
   Give a donation
   Give a gift membership
Become a Conservator
VCS Conservators are donors who give $1,000 or more per year, as well as those who have donated land and conservation restrictions (learn more).

The Capacity Campaign
In recognition of 50 years of work protecting Martha's Vineyard, and the increased challenges the Island will face over the next 50, VCS has launched a major fundraising campaign. Learn more about the VCS Capacity Campaign here, or call our office to give today!

Business Members
Join us as a 
Partner in Conservation, our business membership program

Planned Giving
Learn more about Planned Giving options here

Call us at (508) 693-9588 to use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)


If you prefer, you may print out our membership form and mail it with your check (payable to Vineyard Conservation Society) to PO Box 2189, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Privacy Policy
The Vineyard Conservation Society does not distribute, sell or trade member or donor information.

Thank you for your support.