The VCS Capacity Campaign

Help Expand Our Capacity to Conserve

The Campaign

The Vineyard Conservation Society (VCS) has launched an ambitious $2M capital campaign to expand its capacity to protect the defining qualities of the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. Roughly half that amount is in hand. In recognition of our 50 years of environmental advocacy, we are reaching out to everyone who cherishes the quality of life on the Vineyard to help complete the campaign and achieve our fundraising goal.

Your special, one-time 50th Anniversary Gift will directly impact the number and quality of the unique services VCS is called upon to provide at an ever-escalating rate. Gifts are tax-deductible and, if you prefer, may be phased over the next three years.

The Organization

VCS is one of a kind. We are the Island’s only local organization that furthers its land and water protection mission through a mix of advocacy, education and community action. For decades we have also played a leading role in conserving land, working with property owners to draft permanent Conservation Restrictions (CRs), and managing an inventory of 20 strategic conservation properties.

This campaign will build VCS conservation capacity by increasing staff to four full-time employees, decreasing reaction time when crises erupt, enlarging legal, technical, and land stewardship services, and cultivating the next generation of Vineyard environmentalists. Added “bandwidth” will free us to advocate on a broader range of issues, ranging from climate change and water quality to recycling and tick-borne illness.

The Need

Martha’s Vineyard is both a national and natural treasure. It consists of only 57,000 acres of land, but continues to be at the receiving end of intense growth and development pressure. The risk of “killing the goose that laid the golden egg” is real, and the need is urgent. About 8,000 acres of open space remain available for development, and another 9,000 acres of built land can be further subdivided. With almost 30% of the Vineyard’s acreage open to development, a doubling of the population, and thousands of new structures, is possible.

The Opportunity

Achieving our campaign goal will have a very real impact on the quality of life on our Island for generations to come. It will enable VCS to uphold the trust placed in it by the community over the past 50 years, and face the upcoming challenges of the future. Importantly, every donated dollar stays right here, working to protect Martha’s Vineyard.

Please contribute generously to the VCS 50th Anniversary Capacity Campaign. Now is the time to act -- please call our office at (508) 693-9588 today!