Sailing Camp Park

Oak Bluff's Sailing Camp Park, purchased by the Town in 1983, represents 15 acres of conservation land including woods, beach, and scenic views of Lagoon Pond and the Vineyard Haven harbor. It is open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Operated as a summer sailing camp by the Patriot’s Trail Girl Scout Council since the 1930s, the land came to be on the market when the camp was closed in 1981. For about two years, VCS and the Vineyard Open Land Foundation worked to keep alive the option for purchase by the Town, giving them time to secure funding. The alternative could have been private development of up to 40 houses –- putting further pressure on the Lagoon, which was already showing signs of excessive nitrogen from septic systems.

For more on the history of the project, see the excerpts below, taken from our 1981 and 1982 newsletters.