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New Years Resolutions

Kaysea Hart with daughter Dylan in Boston

It’s 2011, and if you’re like me your new year’s resolution may be something self-serving like giving up chocolate or exercising more. You’ll dutifully go to yoga for a month and snub cocoa confections. And if you’re like me, you will eventually find yourself un-wrapping that decadent seventy percent cocoa bar of deliciousness on your way home from Cronigs, and passing on your yoga “Downward Dogs” in favor of the new episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So why not try something new this year? This year, let’s try to make small changes in our daily routines and behaviors that will serve our environment and our children.

I like to tout myself a conservationist, but am I? Do I really do my part? The other night after chasing my one year old around putting away the same pile of toys seventeen times, I tossed an almost empty jar of peanut butter in the trash knowing that the plastic container would be on this earth (if it’s not sent to a processing facility that burns trash) for eternity. Yup, generation after generation will trip over that peanut butter jar because I was too lazy to wipe it out so it could be recycled.

Sadly, I admit that the peanut butter jar was not the first time my laziness has gotten in the way of sound environmental practice. When I first moved back to the island, I purchased a used bicycle from my girlfriend’s family bike shop – Anderson’s Bike Rentals in Oak Bluffs (a fantastic place to purchase used or new bikes by the way) – thinking I’d ride my bike to work. Well, guess how many times I have done that? None. Then there was the bread pan that was carelessly tossed because I couldn’t get the hopelessly over-cooked meatloaf out of it. And the list goes on.

So, this year, for my daughter (and the thought of future generations), I vow to be a better steward to the environment. How? I’m not going to fool myself and promise to ride my bike to work every day, or become a strict locavore (although we do buy our meat and milk from Mermaid Farm). Instead, I’m going to keep it simple and try to do one manageable thing. This year my new year’s resolution is to not purchase plastic toys. What’s yours?

Kaysea Hart, former VCS Communications and Development Coordinator