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Partner in Conservation; Tisbury Farm Market

Island Businesses Show Sustainable Practices


The products that he carries in his grocery store are thoughtfully chosen to be of high quality and reasonably priced. He looks for low sodium and sugar content foods and avoids genetically modified products. He tries hard to order organic foods requested by his customers, and to buy from small companies rather than larger food distributing conglomerates.

His recycling practices are on-going and unique. On a daily basis he sets out his leftover produce to be picked up by Randy Ben David and Rebecca Gilbert from the Native Earth Teaching Farm, who then use the excess vegetables, fruits and breads, to feed their farm animals. For recycling packaging and waste, he uses the services of BFI who co-mingle. He also pays close attention to expiration dates on products, in order to have less waste.

The Edgartown Transfer station is also showing unique leadership in its new, free, composting services. Don Hatch, the Manager of the Island Refuse District, has agreed to take 100% biodegradable goods and cutlery that are cleaned of table scraps, from large events and gatherings, into their large compost pile. Tomar Waldman, a VCS board member, and Mark Martin, owner of Eco MV, are working together with Don to make the coordination and delivery of these waste products really work. Tomar pointed out that after 6 months, all the corn based biodegradable products used at the Slow Food dinner, which had been delivered to the transfer station compost pile, have now completely disappeared and become part of the rich soil left behind. Because of the success of their first composting test, Don has now agreed to take more biodegradable products to be composed. He has pointed out, however, that, for now, this program only applies to large gatherings and events. He also needs prior notification so that he can be prepared to make the composting work. If you are involved in a big gathering or event and want to get on the zero-waste bandwagon by composting your biodegradable products, please call Don Hatch, at 508-627-4501, for the specifics.