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Lawn Fertilizer Regulations for Vineyard Homeowners
During the 2014 Town Meetings, voters of all six Island towns approved a new bylaw that would regulate the sale and use of lawn fertilizer. This brochure for homeowners is intended to help simplify the sometimes complicated language of the bylaw.

Download and print your own copy of our new "questing" activity for kids, designed to get them outdoors and help foster connections with the natural world . . . all part of the broader Connect • Reflect • Protect initiative.

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    (Take Back the Tap; Hidden Development and Habitat Fragmentation)

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Both books can be ordered online through our donation website or found at a variety of Island retailers (see descriptions)
It's back: Brand new 5th Edition!
Walking Trails of Martha's Vineyard

By William Flender

We have just received the brand new 5th edition of the ever-popular Walking Trails guide here at the VCS office. It can be found on the shelves of many Island retailers (see below), but if you just can't wait, go ahead and order using the Paypal link at right (you can also still use our donation page linked above if you prefer). Or, drop by the Wakeman Center for a visit and save the shipping cost!
Retailers and other locations that have historically stocked the book include: The Bunch of Grapes Book Store, Edgartown Books, Alley's General Store, Cronig's, Brahmhall and Dunn, The Secret Garden, Felix Neck, and the Allen Farm store.

Edible Wild Plants of Martha's Vineyard

by Linsey Lee

A beautifully illustrated guide to the wild bounty of edible plants on Martha's Vineyard. The book includes descriptions of plants and their habitats, with fascinating information about traditional medicinal and folklore uses.

Edible Wild Plants is available for purchase at Alley's General Store, Bunch of Grapes, Felix Neck, Morning Glory Farm, the M.V. Museum, and the VCS office.

Right now, new members and all gift memberships receive our Edible Wild Plants of Martha's Vineyard as a free gift! There's never been a better time to join than today!

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