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The Art of Conservation

In 2014, VCS launched what would become an annual tradition: an art contest to encourage our island’s high school students to deepen their connections with nature and the habitats that sustain it — and to show off their incredible talents!

With the support of teachers from MVRHS and Charter School, the “Art of Conservation” contest has grown over the years, bringing into the fold ever more diverse media, creative writing and poetry, music, and most recently, the contributions of Middle School students as well.

The Art of Conservation is a creative space for students to contemplate and respond to environmental issues and inspirations. In doing so, they explore a meeting ground of critical thinking and art, and gain insight into the power of imagery to express their ideas or even catalyze social change.

The contest is also an opportunity for VCS to encourage a deepening of our students’ sense of place, vital to their future efforts to protect what today’s art is celebrating. An image is worth a thousand words, but the process of creation could be worth even more: the inspiration, reflection, discussion, and above all, dedication shared by a generation who will inherit these natural wonders and the existential challenges they face.

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Top: Photo by Kylie Hathaway for the original 2014 edition of the Art of Conservation. See more of the art at the links above.