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First place


Hadley Chapman

10th Grade, MVRHS

Lucy Vincent Beach is known for its eroding cliffs. As time continues to goes by, the beach continues to change. It saddens me to think it could be gone in my life time. This is one of the places I hope to preserve for myself and others.

Special Distinctions

History Melting Away – The Aquinnah Lighthouse

Bean Haller-Hiser

10th Grade, Charter School

Most of the Island’s beauty and uniqueness comes from the memorable landmarks that have sat here for a very long time.  One of these is the Aquinnah Lighthouse that rests high on the amber cliffs of the west shore.  Unfortunately, it is in recent danger of becoming a victim of erosion.  If it cannot be saved, its stunning beauty and importance to the Island would be missed. The unique red bricks and a sense of impending death is what intrigued me to create this metaphorical painting.

Lost by the Sea

Sabrina Reppert

11th Grade, MVRHS

This collage represents the Gay Head cliffs, meeting a sea of words that describe the cliffs.  Looking from left to right, you see the shoreline getting smaller, due to both erosion and the stealing of clay.  We need to preserve this beautiful and majestic landmark, which is slowly and inevitably vanishing, for as long as possible for future generations.  Just imagine if these bright, beautiful cliffs were gone.