The Art of Conservation 2015: Drawing

First place


Lucy Thompson

10th grade, Charter School

Water: It looks like nothing much as it is colorless, transparent. But it is powerful. It creates the lakes, the oceans, the puddles. It becomes the rain, the snow and the ice. It is all life. It shapes you, me, the flowers, the trees, and every living thing from the smallest of pollinators to the greatest sentinel trees. Water holds us, it nurtures us, it is in our food, our drink, the air we breathe. It is the fluid of life. My hands represent how water provides for and sustains all life on earth, while the flowers represent the beauty and abundance that is evident everywhere clean water is present. My message is that we must maintain a reverence for our very essence, water. We must care for and conserve this precious and vital ingredient of life.

First Prize, sponsored by the VCS Directors; Framing services donated by Martha’s Vineyard Framing