The Art of Conservation 2015: Photography

First place


Jessica Haynes


I took this photo using long exposure and the waves in Menemsha just after the popular sunset. It struck me because of the faint plastic wrapper in the bottom right-hand corner and because of the color of the sky and water. The smoke of the waves surrounds the rocks and sand on the beach. I think this body of water needs to be preserved and protected because this is a top tourist spot and a place many islanders go daily.

First Prize, sponsored by the VCS Directors

Framing services donated by Chris Baer, MVRHS

Special Distinctions


Elijah Laiken

11th grade MVRHS

I tried to capture the sense of innocence of the water as seen from a point overlooking West Chop. I altered the photo to create a sleek symmetry between the water and sky. I left the bright red channel marker as a man-made blemish; nothing is perfect.

Special Distinction, sponsored by Espresso Love

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Kayla Oliver

9th grade, MVRHS


This scene is down a trail in North Tisbury. It is only a small section of a large waterfall coming from a pond. This is only a small portion of the water that is in and surrounding Martha’s Vineyard. I took this photo because it was a good portrait of some of the gorgeous water here that I would love to see protected.

Special Distinction, sponsored by Rocco’s

Framing services donated by Chris Baer, MVRHS

Taking Flight

Caroline Roddy

10th grade, MVRHS

My photo, taken at Squibnocket Pond, captures an osprey taking flight and possibly catching food. It is important that water is safe for wildlife to live in and thrive. Nitrogen from septic systems causes “explosive growth of algae that consumes oxygen, blocks sunlight and starves marine habitats.” This photo expresses my concern about nitrogen pollution from our septic systems that could harm osprey, swans and other majestic forms of wildlife.

Special Distinction, sponsored by Mocha Motts

Framing services donated by Chris Baer, MVRHS



Olivia Smith


The pond in my backyard in West Tisbury creates an interesting reflection when the sun is setting. It is important to keep the water clean not only to protect wildlife, but these natural and beautiful scenes as well. My dad has been digging the pond and eventually fish will be introduced as the start to a new ecosystem.

Special Distinction, sponsored by Mocha Motts

Framing services donated by Chris Baer, MVRHS


Pearl Vercruysse

10th grade, MVRHS

Water and solar energy are huge potential sources of power for our ever-growing society. However, lately this same society has begun to pit the elements against each other through global climate change. This photograph represents the tension between water, one of our most valuable resources, and the sun. If we as a society disrupt this natural balance, then it is easier for one element to overcome the other, which leads to devastating environmental consequences.

Special Distinction, sponsored by Nat’s Nook

Framing services donated by Chris Baer, MVRHS