The Art of Conservation 2015: Sculpture

First place

Cape Poge

Iris Albert

11th grade, MVRHS

Water makes me think of change. My sculpture references the Cape Poge chimneys in the waters off of Chappaquiddick. It also illustrates how water causes uncontrollable and destructive change, but makes room for new things. Under the melted glass and the still intact chimney is Island sand.

First Prize, sponsored by the VCS Directors

Special Distinctions


Olin Gannon, Tiki Greene and Susanna Becchio

9th grade, MVRHS

This sculpture depicts a scene from nature that has been fractured. It is a metaphor for how pollution has ruined some of our island ecosystems. The sea turtle represents a victim of this pollution. The blue fresh water rising up from beneath the pollution represents our hope for a clean environment.

Special Distinction, Sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center

The Foot

Sean O’Malley & Lia Potter

9th grade, MVRHS

This sculpture represents the carbon footprint. The dead plants show how people are treating the environment. The living plant on top shows nature’s resilience.

Special Distinction, sponsored by Espresso Love