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The Art of Conservation 2016

Through the eye of the artist . . . 

What does waste – or its consequences – look like? 

What does ending waste look like? 

The 2016 Art of Conservation competition was all about ending waste. To ensure a healthy future for our island's land, water, and living things, we need to make responsible choices that reduce waste, and we need to convince others to do the same: reduce and recycle, to preserve and protect. Contestants were invited to express their thoughts on these questions through original works in any visual medium. We hope their creations will inspire everyone to make responsible choices — here at home, and across the planet. See photos all the entries!

Three first place prizes were awarded to Jamilyn Joseph, Lucy Thompson, and Astrid Tilton. Six others, Monica Carroll, Isabel Crawford, Gus Hoy, Maisie Jarrell, Adelaide Keene, and Angela Mello received special distinctions for their work. A short ceremony was held at the Chilmark School during the 2016 MV Film Festival to honor the winners and participants. 

Winners and Special Distinctions, in the words of the artists themselves