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The Art of Conservation 2017


How well do we really know our island? 

Most days we follow the same routes and routines. To get off the beaten path, or just to observe our daily scene more closely, is to discover things about the Vineyard that will surprise our minds and invigorate our senses. 

What we discover through our own observation brings us closer to the island where we live. The better we know our home, the more we are connected with it, and can collaborate to sustain our community. 

We invited our Island's high school students to think about discovery, to seek out what they haven’t noticed or experienced before on Martha’s Vineyard, and to share what they find through their work.

(including titles and written descriptions of the art)


Top: Photo by Beatriz da Costa, Special Distinction in photography from the original 2014 edition of the Art of Conservation contest. See more winners from 20142015 and 2016