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The Art of Conservation 2018: Habitat

What is your preferred habitat?
For yourself, your species, or any of our Island’s other creatures?

2018 marks the fifth year for the Art of Conservation, our annual high school art contest. Following last year’s far-reaching theme of Discovery, we are now asking our Island’s young artists to focus on one of the most fundamental principles of conservation, Habitat.

We are very excited to see how the students respond. Every year, their work provides an amazing opportunity to see the natural world through a new lens. Submissions are due in early May, and an awards ceremony and opening showing of the winning works is held at the end of the month. The contest is open to all Vineyard high school students, not just those in art classes, so please encourage any students you know to participate.

Top: Photo by Beatriz da Costa, Special Distinction in photography from the original 2014 edition of the Art of Conservation contest. See more winners from 201420152016, and 2017