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The Art of Conservation 2018: Habitat

What is your preferred habitat?
For yourself, your species, or any of our Island’s other creatures?

First launched by VCS in 2014, the Art of Conservation contest encourages local high school students to reflect on the value of nature and what it means to them, and then to express themselves through the medium of their choice. We see this as an vital opportunity to deepen the sense of place among our young adults and connect them to local – and global – environmental issues.
Suitable to this year’s broad theme, “Habitat,” the contest’s 64 entries represented a diversity of media, including photographs, painting, drawing, crafts, sculpture, and (for the first time) architectural models. Taking first prize honors were Jonathan Chivers and Olivia Schroeder for their photography, and Owen Metell for architecture. In addition, special distinctions were awarded to Felix Colon, Simone Davis, Jeneleigh Griffin, Jenna Joseph, Julianne Joseph, Hemilly Nascimento, Aidan Nunes, and Davin Tackabury, along with two extra “VCS Staff Picks” awarded to Frank Cray and Josue Dos Santos.
Special thanks are due to our contest judges, celebrated local painter Harry Seymour, architect and botanist Margaret Curtin, and photographer and Field Gallery curator Jhenn Watts; the teachers from across the MVRHS Art Department who provided support for the competition; local painter Susie White, who worked with painting students as they explored this year’s theme; and the Martha's Vineyard Cultural Council for financial support.

At left: "Morning Dew" by MVRHS freshman Felix Colon, one of twelve artworks to receive an award in this year's Art of Conservation contest; click for full size. 

Top photo by Beatriz da Costa, Special Distinction in photography from the original 2014 edition of the Art of Conservation contest. See more winners from 2014201520162017, and 2018.