by Amity Harris, special distinction winner in the 2021 Art of Conservation

Collection (Plus a bit of 2021)

March 5th

The Day is dark

The night is worse

My heart is breaking

My head is cursed

I am wrong

They are right

I’m disillusioned

There is no plight

You are fine

Tell them all

Lie to them

Never fall

They must not see

Behind our mask

I’ll break your soul

That is my task 

You’ll die alone 

On a bed

Of rosey thorns

That are dead

March 6th

I want to tell

No more lies

They’ll try to stop me

Be my demise 

I wish I knew

But I don’t 

Help me please

Because they won't

March 13th

Say goodbye

While you can

Give a hug

Or shake a hand

Tell a friend

What they mean

We’ll never know 

What could have been

March 28th

The day is done

The sun is gone 

The Sky is dark

The birds have sung

Our world is less

But the Next has more

Because we have lost

The one we adore

A flower among grass

A star in the night

My Lola is gone                  

Her soul has alight. 

April 1st 

A day of jokes

Is funny no more

We feel no joy

In our cores

A weekend of friends

With our moms and fun

No clothes no food

Shopping for none


These Months are long

They never end 

I see no light 

I see no friends 

I sniffle from earth

And also from tears

A spring eternal 

Is what I fear

May 25th

In hours we’ll know

The horrid reality

A cold reminder

Of a broken society 

A people’s plight

To show the light

To those who find no wrong

In taking their rights

A man is dead

He’s not coming back

He was kicked from this world

Just for being Black

He deserve better

We all know it

But there are those of ignorance

Who refuse to show it

This world MUST change

Or else I fear

I may lose the ones I love

In future years

The color of our skin

Says nothing of our heart

We live in this world too

We wish not to depart

We are just as smart 

We create our own art

We do our part

As a part of this world

So I ask you now

If this is what you want

Is this the America

You praise and flaunt

Is this the world

I’ll grow into

Hopelessly watching

It break in two

I cry some nights

In a heart wrenching fear

That my brother will die

I weep endless tears

My family is kind

We hold few sins

We love each other

So let us win

In a battle against 

Fear, crime and hate

We spread our love

We educate

So help me fix our world

One hug, kiss and word at a time

Find the music, find the rhymes

Empathise with others and fix broken minds. 

June 1st

The time is coming 

It approaches fast

We take our bows

Like a cast

We had our run

Slipped at the end

But we made it here 

With old and new friends 

Now is the time

For us to go

See where life will take us

Perform in new shows 

High school awaits

We have much to learn

This time is important 

Our lives take their turns 

So now we bid farewell

To those who taught 

They all believed 

In me and my shot 

We love our school 

We are proud to be

From such a loving home

As the one and only OB.

June 19th

Summer is here

Here at last

We hope to have fun

School has passed

We have so much time

For us to have fun

I hope to see friends 

And greet everyone 

We can now leave the house

After we hid inside

But still we must be safe

Or at least we must try

Six feet is the rule 

That rules us all

We wear 1 to 2 masks

Into the fall

September 17th

School is back

Stuck on zoom

Just hours of screens

And breakout rooms

At least we're busy 

No longer a dark empty hole

I want the world I used to know

Where my heart was bright and whole

The world is dark 

The people fight

The giant's point fingers

Will we all be alright? 

But school is back

We learn once more

Will we get through this?

No one is sure

September 29th

Today is my birthday

I have few plans

I’ll celebrate with friends

Do what I can

Not much to do

We sit in and talk

Politics, school

To cold for walks

We have our cake

And eat it too

We worry about the future

And the parties two

Red, white and blue

Is how we feel

A color of sadness

It’s all just so real

October 31

Today is Halloween

The best of nights

We wear out costumes

Give other a fright

IRL Among us

Is the game of the year

We laugh and run

There is an imposter here

We forget our woes

We fill our tums

We eat the chocolate

And chew the gum

This is what we needed

Time as a group

We stick together

In little troops

Carmen Sandiego and Dawn 

Assassins, pirates and witches

Don’t expose the imposter 

Because snitches get stitches 

November 3rd

My stomach churns

I can’t help but sweat

I pray people do what’s right

There’ll be chaos I bet

I pull up a tab

I constantly check

We can’t risk to lose this

Or else it’s all to HECK

All things considered

Things are looking good

Things are going to go well

Or at least they should

We are really nervous 

For whatever lies in store

The News is nothing but talk

I can barely take it anymore


The winter is dark

The future is bleak

It's been unbearably cold

For a couple of weeks

Christmas is coming

Or at least I think

I lose track of the days

But lately eggnog has been the drink

I shiver in the cold 

Thought there has been no snow

I can’t wait for the warm

Or else I must go

To a place where the sand

Burns my toes

Where people wear short

And have sunscreen upon their nose

But now I am here 
For God knows how long

Stuck in the North

Where I don’t belong

Christmas comes

And then it goes 

What the future holds

No one knows

But the New Year came

I stayed up till midnight

I played video games with Emma

The switch was our light

We listen to music 

Of old and new 

And then on January 6th

There was a coup

January 6th

What happened that day

Is hard to explain 

But you should know there was hurt

You should know there was pain

As America watched

An attempted assaination

On the peace and democracy

Of our Nation 

Guns were shot

So where the people

Both good and bad

And even some evil

Flags of hate 

Flapped in the air

Windows were shatter 

None of it fair

No one seemed to care 

Of the destruction they brought

Because they never thought

That they would be caught

There would be consciences 

For the hatreated they insisted 

In Fact they were more than delighted 

By the fear they struck into our hearts

They took pleasure in the part

They played in ripping us apart 

You couldn’t help but watch 

The chaos unfold

The stories that were told

The bodies that went cold

The evilest among them trolled

But still we must be bold

In our fight to buy back

What we never should have sold

This an unimaginable mold 

That change the country that we hold

So dear to our hearts

So now I ask you to do your part

In helping one another 

Be a sister be a brother

Be a sibling be friend

Because we know in the end

We are stronger together 

Then having to fend

For ourselves

So pray

That we never ever

Fall pray

To devilishly clever

Ways of hate

I wish not to debate

With you if you hate

Me for who I am

Because the idea that hate is the way

Is nothing but a sham...

January 19th

Today is the day

We jump in delight

As we remind ourselves of our victory 

In the painstaking fight

Songs are sung

Poems are read

We hope for the future

And mourn the thousands dead

GaGa’s dress is pretty with red

Mitchell looks like a queen

If looking good was a crime

Kamala would be a fiend

Jill is the first lady

Bernie is turned into a meme

It’s a day of joy 

We laugh and dance

I’d hug the world

If given the chance

The haters will still hate

They will try to debate 

But I will ignore them for now

And later I will educate

I relax a little 

The time is here 

I feel at peace

My head feels clear

There is still much to do 

In healing our home

But for now I’ll look at Bernie memes 

As I finish this poem