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VCS Achievments

Open Space Permanently Protected
with VCS support

Moshup Trail Heathlands
Lobsterville Moors
Frances Newhall Woods Preserve
Eastville Beach 
Sailing Camp Park

Waskosims Rock 
Mill Brook Watershed
Morning Glory Farm 
Katama Farm
Native Earth Teaching Farm 
Mermaid Farm
Nip ’n’ Tuck Farm 
Allen Sheep Farm
Farm Fields & Meadows, West Tisbury Village Environs
Polly Hill Arboretum

Inappropriate Developments Blocked
through VCS advocacy

NO golf course in the Southern Woodlands
NO 50,000-sq.ft. shopping mall at Tashmoo Overlook
NO sewer plant in the West Chop Woods
NO sprawling subdivisions at Katama
NO new building at Moshup Trail (litigation continues)

Projects Launched
with VCS facilitation

First Island Recycling Center
Steamship Authority Recycling
Energy Resource Group
New Agricultural Society Fairgrounds
Martha’s Vineyard Water Alliance
Vineyard Lawns Initiative
Conservation Partnership

Fifty Years of Leaving Footprints

What's that all about? Click to download the full poster.