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What can we do?

We need to be as self-reliant and self aware about what we do in everyday life as much as possible. Certain changes are unavoidable and we must be pro-active not reactive in preparing for them.

  • Instead of armoring the coastline against erosion with concrete and stone, a range of “nature-based” solutions must be viewed as the first line of defense.
  • Vulnerable lands need to be left undeveloped instead of constructing costly homes and infrastructure calling for protection in the future.
  • Wetlands and buffer areas must be targeted for conservation on, and hardy native species that anchor the soils need to be encouraged and safeguarded.
  • Instead of planning for installation of larger culverts and infrastructure to handle more intense storms, natural filtration areas need to be set aside to handle expanded storm water flow.

The Vineyard Conservation Society encourages a commitment to reversing the high emissions track we are on. We can all make better choices for the environment.