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Who We Are

The Vineyard Conservation Society is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to preserving the environment of Martha’s Vineyard through advocacy, education and the protection of the Island’s land and water.

Founded in 1965, VCS is the Island's most respected local voice for environmental advocacy. Originally formed as a “watchdog” group, VCS remains vigilant and always prepared to fight inappropriate development. Today, however, we embrace a broad definition of environmental stewardship, recognizing that current and future conservation goals require more than land protection and open space preservation. In the years ahead, the health of our Island’s land and water will increasingly depend on an informed and mobilized public. Through public education and advocacy, we will continue to promote community action in defense of a healthy environment and sustainable future.

Why should you support VCS? Read more here, or download and print our Case for Support document.


VCS office team:

Brendan O’Neill
    Executive Director
Signe Benjamin
    Programs & Membership
Jeremy Houser
    Communications & Ecologist
Samantha Look
    Education & Youth

VCS Board of Directors:


Jim Athearn
Jennifer Blum
    Vice President
Bart Partington
Bruce Golden


Shelley Edmundson
Susan Feller
Linda Jones
Michael Loberg
Farley Pedler
Arnie Reisman
Marc Rosenbaum
Doug West
Warren Woessner

Jesse Ausubel
    Science Adviser