We love this place
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The VCS Community Art Project

Please join the Vineyard Conservation Society in honoring our extraordinary island. Current events have made certain things extraordinarily clear. For VCS, one of these points of clarity is the incredible importance of our open space in nourishing both nature and the human spirit. 

Whether it is written thoughts, a photograph, a piece of artwork, or anything else you can think of, please add to our patchwork quilt of appreciation for this amazing place we are so fortunate to call home. This project is open to all, with no age or skill level requirements. In these challenging times, we can all benefit from a greater sense of connection with nature. 

The current, and final, theme for the project is "Forests." As spring arrives on the Vineyard, our forests are coming to life. Filled with small, sometimes unnoticed details, as well as the grandeur and mystery of trees, forests can be both intimate and expansive. Please consider adding your perspective to this project by sharing your artwork or writing that describes your connection with the Island’s forests.

To participate:⠀

  • Consider the above message and respond in the artistic medium of your choice. This may mean the creation of something new, or using something you already have on hand that fits the theme.⠀
  • Provide us with a photo or scan of your artwork and the rights to share it in print and social media. We are not asking for a donation of the physical artwork itself.⠀
  • Email your reflections to Samantha (slook@vineyardconservation.org). If you are on social media and want to post it to your own page make sure to tag @vineyardconservation and use hashtag #LoveItProtectItMV
  • Please include a short paragraph explaining the inspiration behind your image, and your social media tags if applicable.⠀
  • At a future date, we hope to hang a physical show. If we are able to, we would ask to borrow the piece for the duration of the show.⠀
  • We will be using the collected works to share over social media and in our online newsletter. As mentioned above, we also hope to curate an in-person show once it is possible. We hope you will consider adding your voice and vision to the project!